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9703 Collins Avenue
Bal Harbour

Welcome to Oren Salon, where beauty and elegance come together to transform your hair into a work of art. Located in the heart of Bal Harbour, our salon is your sanctuary for all things hair-related.

With a team of highly skilled and passionate hairstylists, we're dedicated to providing you with the ultimate salon experience.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of our latest shoot

  • Frizz Control

    Prepare to experience a remarkable transformation as our specialized treatment works to repair, nourish, and fortify your hair, leaving you with the radiant, manageable tresses you've always dreamed of. Embrace the beauty of frizz-free hair with our cutting-edge repair treatment – because your locks deserve nothing less than the best.

  • Protien Formula

    Whether your tresses have succumbed to environmental stressors, heat styling, or chemical treatments, our Protein Formula Hair Repair Treatment is here to restore
    vitality, leaving you with hair that not only looks healthier but trul is.

  • Restore & Repair

    In the face of daily stresses, environmental factors, and styling demands, your hair deserves a reparative touch that goes beyond the ordinary. Our specialized treatment is formulated with precision, targeting and repairing damaged strands from root to tip.


Fuya Hair's Essentials Shampoo gives my hair a natural shine, which is something I always look for in a good shampoo. It just needs a bit more of that shine-boosting effect.

Luna Turner

My dry hair loves this shampoo! It provides the hydration it needs without making it feel heavy or greasy.

Zara Mitchell

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