Ways to Repair, Treat & Fix Damaged Hair

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Switching up your style is always a must, weather you want head turning beach waves, sleek and silky straight hair or maybe a full transformation Color to express your self; but be careful Over-styling, over-lightening or just plain overdoing it can cause your hair to become damaged, brittle and broken.

1.Lower the Temperature on Your Tools

One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting the temperature too high on there styling tools. Get the job done with a mid-range temperature-setting on your tools. Let your tools heat for 10 minutes before use, and when possible skip the heat styling altogether.

2. Handle Wet Hair with Care

When handling your hair use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. When you step out of the shower, skip vigorous rubbing, Instead gently blot your hair with a fluffy towel, or better still, with a microfiber cloth or soft t-shirt. Doing this avoids friction that can put stress on vulnerable hair; Don’t secure your hair with an elastic band when it’s wet either—that can cause breakage!!!!

3.Indulge in Rich and Healing Hair Masks

Hair masks are the special ops of conditioning.They contain high concentrations of reparative and moisturizing ingredients, like vitamins, oils and naturally-sourced elements. They’re also thicker than regular conditioners, so when you apply them to damp hair, they stay put. That gives these formulas time to penetrate more deeply into the hair surface and fill in the gaps and nicks that develop on the surface of damaged hair. Masks keep working even after you rinse them.Use your hair treatment mask twice a week or more, faithfully. And don’t be in a hurry—the longer you leave it on the more effective it will be.

4.Embrace Leave-Ins

A leave in for colored hair, for example, will offer UV hair protection to prevent color from fading. A leave-in for frizzy, unruly hair will add moisture and make your hair smoother and more manageable. For best results, apply leave-ins to damp, not soaking wet hair, and comb through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

5.Trim Your Split Ends

To prevent split ends in the first place, keep your hair supple and strong with fortifying shampoos, conditioners and leave-in creams. To keep split ends from getting out of control, visit your hairstylist for regular trims. You don’t have to lose much length at all—your stylist can simply “dust” the ends to keep your hair healthy, strong and un-frayed.

6.Don’t Let Your Hair Get Thirsty

Never skip your moisturizer!!! Dry hair is the number one cause of damage and hair breakage because if your hair doesn’t have the optimal level of moisture it will become brittle and fragile. If you’re prone to dry hair, embrace a moisturizing regimen that includes a hydrating shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in product. It’s the easiest way to prevent your strands from becoming parched.

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