• Oren Lankri

Valentine’s Day Blowout Rush

First off Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! We hope you had a great weekend. So here at the Oren Salon we filled our schedule today to the brim and even stayed late to accommodate our guests. We covered many services today, Brazilian Blowout (Keratin), Haircuts and the infamous Blowout. Our master stylists Oren and Shaked serviced over 40 happy clients today!

Of course this is the biggest day of the year where everyone is scrambling to look great on their night out! We were prepared to deal with all styles of hair. Some hair needed extra love and we added vitamin treatment to give it the extra shine. This also protects the hair in the Miami humidity so it does not frizz.

We are happy to help our clients look their best for their special night out.

Time for you to come and experience the best, visit us at the 1 Hotel!

We use Baby Bliss

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