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Timing Your Haircut

How often you should cut your hair comes down to damage and the health of your hair. While split and damaged ends are usually quite visible, the texture of your hair is also a big giveaway for trim or haircut time. Damage of course, can also be linked to chemical processing like dyes and heat styling or UV damage.

Unfortunately, some stylist use products that are not organic or damage the hair for a look. You would not believe how many hair repair appointments we service. We offer custom hair treatments and conditioners to give your hair it’s life back, all organic!

Beyond damage and the health of your hair, it’s important to also consider your hair style! Short, layered, bangs or extra curly? Each style requires a different set of time between cuts and trims to maintain the best look. Your hair type also comes into play when considering how often you should cut your hair.

There is a general rule of thumb of 8 to 12 weeks between haircuts. This is generally for healthy hair and is a good enough time to maintain most hairstyles for most hair types. But just like the general rule for how often you should wash your hair (2 to 3 times a week typically) this can differ for everyone.

Come by to Oren Salon for a free consultation and we can guide you for what is best for your hair!

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