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Keeping The Brazilian In Your Blowout

After spending hours in the salon, and spending quite the penny, your hair is bone-straight. The tricky part is: keeping it perfect after you leave the salon. We've made a list of salon-approved tips & tricks to keeping the Brazilian in your blowout!


Water and moisture are able to wash away some of the keratin protein treatment, as well as leave marks in the hair. Therefore, after receiving your treatment, you should avoid wetting your hair for at least three days. Washing, sweating, swimming, and rain should all be avoided!

* for showering, we suggest using a hair towel to help block out that water!

We will link hair towels at the bottom of the page.


After your BBO, for the first few days the hair is still very malleable. Putting your hair up, behind your ears, adding clips or a ponytail, or anything of the sort should all be avoided. A soft ponytail may be used for short periods of time, but only after a few days has passed.

You don't need root-lifting sprays, mousse, hair spray or gels to style your hair after a keratin treatment. The weight of the protein will hold your hair in the right style without the need for products, and excessive use of products could make your hair look dull and dirty. Instead, blow-dry and run a flat iron over the hair to manipulate your strands into the right style, and your keratin treatment will last longer.


Sodium and sulfate are NOT your friends. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a powerful "detergent" that will strip your hair of its natural oils, AND the keratin protein. Using SLS products in your hair after getting a BBO will cause the treatment to not last as long as its supposed to. The key is to use SLS free shampoo! Available at your local health food or organic stores.

* styling tip: always blow-dry your hair after washing

We will link some suggested products at the bottom of the page.


It's time to get our princess on and start using silk! Replace your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk one. A cotton pillowcase with influence and promote frizz, causing your hair to be short-lived. Satin/silk causes little friction, which mens longer-lasting keratin protein treatment!

We will link some affordable silk pillowcases at the bottom of the page.

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