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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Thinking about exercising and maintaining your hair pretty can be a big challenge for many girls, so much that they even avoid working out; just to not ruin their hair!!

Completely understandable, nobody wants to ruin their recent blow dry and not be able to fix it up, but, in this blog we’ll guide you on how to protect and correctly manage your hair for a workout and how to get it in shape quickly after a good sweat! Take a look:

  • Search always for cooler environments to work out at! Since your hair already sweats you can pay attention to the weather so it doesn’t make it worse; if you live in a warm climate, work out early in the morning or in the late evenings when it’s cooler, or turn the air on in your house while you do weights.

  • Definitely put your hair up while working out to reduce the contact with sweat all over your face and neck; try simple up do’s like a bun or a pony tail, even braiding your hair works out fine.

  • Avoid sticky silicones hair products before you work out. These types of products will only contribute on getting your hair dirty and sweaty because the scalp is being directly put in contact with the product when the sweat activates from working out.

  • Don’t tie your hair too tight when you put your hair up, or even, if you use a satin headband watch out that it doesn’t fit too tight; the satin will help you avoid breakage although. Let your scalp breathe from the sweat!!!

  • Cool dry your hair before putting it back down, let it air dry if possible. Taking it down while it’s still wet will increase frizz and makethe rest of your hair dirty and sweaty all the way down.

  • Apply a leave-in or smoothing mist before rolling small 2-inch sections of hair into little balls all over your head and securing them with pins or elastics. Once removed, you’ll have great texture after your workout!

  • Don’t shampoo your hair after every workout!Sweat already dries out your hair, and using shampoo in addition will remove natural oils from your hair and dry it out even more. Instead, if it’s really necessary to wash post-workout apply gently a conditioner that will moisturize your hair.

  • Apply a deep conditioning every 2 weeks. This routine is essential to replenish your hair with moisture and protect it from damage and sweat.

  • Finally, we encourage you to make up a schedule for your workouts, not only so that you don’t miss any days but for you to be able to plan your hair routines or styles and don’t be frustrated about this after.

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